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Save the Shared Space project on Peachtree Street!

Join us and a group of other local advocates this Monday, March 14th at 4pm, for a peaceful gathering at the intersection of Andrew Young International Blvd NW and Peachtree St to protest the demolition of the Peachtree Shared Space project!

And sign the petition at:

Atlanta Department of City Planning has abruptly announced deconstruction of the Peachtree Shared Space starting the week of March 14. This will include the removal of all tactical urbanism materials – wheel stops, flex posts, planters, signage from the roadway to restore it to its previous configuration.

The termination of the project, which is funded through design in Phase 3, undoes the delivery of many positive impacts for Atlanta.

What are advocates asking?

  1. Institute a 30-day moratorium on the removal of the demonstration project.
  2. Once the 30 day period is complete, proceed immediately with Phase 2

(Huge kudos to local advocate Carden Wyckoff for guiding this protest initiative!!)

This has been a big shock, to see the city’s signature project for reimagined streets be scuttled. We’ve heard that lack of support for it from a couple of powerful figures in the Peachtree Center hotel/office district was what prompted the decision.

This, despite widespread support for the project elsewhere, including new funding for it that was announced just this week from Atlanta Regional Commission.

Also: Residents of the city’s District 2 voted on the next round of funds for the shared street through the Downtown Decides program. The Mayor should not be able to undo a public vote.

Think of how much harder it will be to attract good planning talent to the city if we fail to support our most progressive and exciting plans! The shared street project should stay on track for Phases 2 and 3.