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About ThreadATL

What we’re doing

ThreadATL is a non-profit advocacy organization that aims to influence policy around planning and design decisions in the City of Atlanta toward a greater focus on good urbanism, while encouraging residents to take Jane Jacobs’ advice and “get into the thick of the planning job” in their own communities.

Board of Directors

Darin Givens
Board President
Georgia Tech, Sr. Web Developer
Twitter | Instagram @atlurbanist

Matthew Garbett
Board Vice President
Westview Corner Grocery

Adrianne Serrano Proeller
Board Secretary
Morehouse School of Medicine

Tripp Cook
Atlanta Realtors Association, Director of PR & Communications

Kipling Dunlap
Livable Buckhead

Melissa George
Morehouse School of Medicine

Matthew Jones
City Planner

Sarah Stein
Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Attorney

King Williams
Filmmaker, Writer, Podcast Host

Contact Us

For more info or to volunteer, contact

Mailing address:

PO Box 5291
Atlanta, GA 31107

Photo courtesy of Steve Eberhardt