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What we’re doing

ThreadATL is an advocacy effort that aims to influence policy around planning and design decisions in the City of Atlanta toward a greater focus on good urbanism, while encouraging residents to take Jane Jacobs’ advice and “get into the thick of the planning job” in their own communities.

Atlanta’s neighborhoods have been growing in uneven fits and starts, lacking a cohesive vision. We see a resurgence in city living, but it’s built around too many parking decks. We have more bike lanes, but only in limited areas. We have more apartments, but most of them are too “luxury” for the average Atlantan to live here.

We have more mixed-use developments, but they’re built in isolation from transit, sidewalk, bike connections so we’ve created drive-to urbanism. We complain about limited housing in some neighborhoods while others are experiencing serious blight problems.

ThreadATL believes that we can address those problems through significant public engagement and education. Working with others passionate about city living, we want to directly influence the planning processes and decision making that creates our city. We believe Atlanta has a history of civic engagement that needs to be re-energized to be the ones who create the place we want to live.

Our Vision: To build a better city by influencing policy around planning and design decisions in Atlanta.

Who We Are

In short, ThreadATL is an advocacy effort co-founded in early 2016 by Darin Givens, Lauren Welsh, Matthew Garbett, and Matthew Jones. It operates with help from urbanism advocates across the city.

Contact Us

For more info or to volunteer, contact